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The Power of Forgiveness | The Science of Happiness

Forgiveness just comes from within Nobody else is necessary for you to forgive to someone. You do it for yourself! See this video – how to forgive seeing yourself in a mirror … Forgiveness, what does it really mean? If you ask for forgiveness, do you lose the upper hand? This week on Science of Happiness we get selfish for minute, … Forgiveness: How to Make Peace With Your Past and Get on With Your Life 15 Division Worksheets with 5-Digit Dividends, 2-Digit Divisors: Math Practice Workbook (15 Days Math Division Series 9) Liili Premium Motorola X 1st Generation...

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Themes of the Month

Here you can find Themes of each month. If you click on any of these links, you can see all posts of that month. June 2016 —> Forgiveness Forgiveness is one of the most healing act you can do for yourself. Learn from these articles, videos and quotes why and how to forgive....

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Rose Quartz or Love Stone?

Rose Quartz Rose quartz takes its name from the flower due to the fact that of its delicate and clear pink color triggered by traces of titanium, iron or manganese. Rose quartz is discovered in Madagascar, India, Germany and numerous locations in the USA. It is one of the most valued varieties of quartz. The color of this quartz is still not completely understood. It has been stated to be due to a variety of different small impurities present in the quartz consisting of titanium, manganese as well as colloidal gold. Nevertheless, current research studies using micro-analytical methods have...

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Forgiveness and Letting Go

The importance of Forgiveness By learning to let it go, you are in fact doing something great for yourself. You will certainly be happier, much less burdened and also it will actually aid your health. As well as you will certainly no longer be a hypocrite when you take a seat with your grandchildren and advise them to “Let and live and also let it go.” And when they see you modeling healthy forgiveness, you will empower them. And that makes it all worthwhile. I have heard it said that animosity has a way of “growing legs and also...

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